Hoyt Byrum

Masks. They have recently become the center of controversy, the focal point for devision, the object for legal wrangling, and much more. But we have been wearing masks for years and years, long before masks became a recent Billion Dollar industry. Masks hide our face. Masks hide our sin. Masks hide our dark side.  

And yet, there are a few people in my life with whom I feel free to take off my mask . Very few, but yes, a few. What causes me to be willing to take off my mask when in their presence? Grace.  

Grace is the antithesis of judgment. The moment I take down my mask and encounter judgment, that’s the moment I hoist up my mask and make sure it fits tightly. However, grace says “It’s okay. I will be present to you no matter what and my presence will be affirming regardless of what you have been hiding from others.”

Do you have any grace-centered relationships in your life? Do you have a few who let you keep your mask on until you are ready to risk their judgment, knowing that when you take that risk you will experience their embrace, causing you to trust them with even more of your truth? I know you have at least one person who is a grace-giver and longs to embrace the true you. I would like to think that one is me. But I know for sure it points to Jesus. I might be too scary to trust – but in the end, just go to Jesus and bask in His grace. There clearly is no judgment with Him.

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