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Have you ever thought to yourself…

NOTHING in this life is FREE NOBODY does something for NOTHING If you want ANYTHING in this life,
you have to EARN it.

A book that will
make you want to
run the race
to win it.

What if you’re wrong?


Introducing a book and a workshop that will change the way you think about life.

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A workshop that will inspire your congregation towards Discipleship and Generosity.



The 3G Lifestyle is a way to fully live the Christian life. A life of Significance.


First, we believe that God’s Grace is unconditional and extravagant. Whether we have lived an exemplary life or not, we’re all human and make mistakes. The truly important part is to be able to first understand that Grace has no strings attached. There is nothing we can do to earn it. Grace can been seen every day in ordinary experiences.  Once we have accepted that Grace is freely given and we stop trying to earn God’s favor, we can learn to love God. And this is the ultimate purpose for human life.


Second, it’s about Gratitude for that extravagant grace extended to us by a profoundly loving God. When one receives unearned grace, one becomes grateful. Knowing that we have not earned anything, yet God gives us his love and compassion, we become thankful. We then can see the world in a whole new light.
As Pastor Bob explains, “I believe all of my blessings come from God’s Grace and I did nothing to earn them. That fills me with gratitude which becomes the basis for how I respond to God and why I give my life to others.”


Finally, it is all about Generosity – first God’s generosity toward us and then our generosity towards others. Pastor Bob explains it like this, “You will have a heartfelt desire to be generous with others the way God has been generous with you. And I mean ‘generous’ in the broadest sense of that word. You will desire to give your time, talent, and treasure to others, and this will bring you a great sense of joy. Giving won’t be rooted in obligation. No longer do you perform acts of generosity to accrue brownie points with God or with others.”



The Chase follows the journey of Tony Hunter, an ambitious runner who is struggling to find purpose in his life and to understand why others are so willing to help him. As an engineer, Tony is like so many who are taught to only put their trust in what can be proven.

Surrounded by believers, he finds himself questioning his beliefs and theirs. He takes to the running path whenever he needs to process things, sometimes running towards something, sometimes running away. Follow his journey through the ups-and-downs of his career, marriage and figuring it all out.

In the tradition of novels like The Shack, Hoyt Byrum has teamed up with his closest friend, Mario Busacca, to write The Chase. This book will challenge skeptics and believers alike, to look at faith differently. It is a powerful and penetrating story, full of twists, turns and surprises.

Chase book & Study Guide

The Chase has lessons for the skeptic, the curious, & the faithful. For the skeptic and the curious, this book answers the questions of why Christians believe that grace is sufficient, gratitude is inevitable, and generosity is a natural result.

For the faithful, this book will explain the uncertainties with which you may have struggled, or you simply decided to “take on faith” and move forward.

For pastors and small group leaders, this book can be used as a tool for teaching as well as a companion for a series on stewardship, discipleship, or simply to support your members on their individual Christian journeys.


Greg Fields
Greg FieldsAuthor, Through the Waters and the Wild
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With clear, honest and precise writing, Mario Busacca and Hoyt Byrum have created a work capturing our shared quest for purpose, belonging, and a higher union. The Chase embraces these central issues in a narrative that is simple enough to be accessible and layered enough to probe the deeper questions that define spirituality. This is a book to read more than once, and slowly, so that these questions might take proper root.
Linda Cobb
Linda CobbPresident, The Coaching Company, Inc.
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The Chase is an engaging and relatable book with valuable take-aways for us all. Told in story format, it will capture the reader's attention and expand their perspectives on what it means to be a Christian. The accompanying Study Guide will ensure that facilitators can easily lead small group discussions that are productive and meaningful. Kudos to Busacca and Byrum for making biblical concepts accessible, and for introducing a model we can all follow in our complex modern world.
E Stanley Ott
E Stanley OttFounder & President Vital Churches Institute
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The story of The Chase has a marvelous way of pulling you in and allowing you to share the complex feelings a man on a journey of discovery and life-changing encounter with the Lord who loves him.
Dr Sony Jackson
Dr Sony Jackson
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I was drawn into the story of Tony and even though I was brought up in a Christian home, I "got" his position. And as the story unfolded, I was there like a fly on the wall waiting to see what happened next. As a Believer, I wasn't sure how this was going to relate to me...and then.... there was an explanation of the parable of the Prodigal Son. Wow. Just wow. The insights. I do believe that this is a compelling story for non-Believers to get an introduction... and even more so, for Believers, whose beliefs may be strong, or not. There's something here for everyone to learn.


Tom Hunter was a rough man. His years in construction had hardened him. But he was likely that way before he went into the field. He had retired several years before, though he had probably wanted to keep working. But his back was giving him problems, and he couldn’t quite keep up anymore.

He had never been a religious man. In fact, he pretty much rejected the church. Said it was a waste of time. That there was nobody out there or “up” there listening. You were born, you lived your life, then you died and there was no more. That was his philosophy. And, as Tony’s father, he had tried to impress that view of the world on Tony.

Now, he sat across from Tony at their kitchen table sipping his coffee. Tony was uncomfortable under his gaze. Finally, Tony broke the silence.

“Look, Dad. It’s what Beth wants to do. You know that I don’t buy into all this, but what’s the harm?”

“It sets a bad precedent, son.”

“It’s a simple ceremony. It’s a baptism. It means nothing to me but means a whole lot to Beth.”

Tom put his cup down more loudly than he needed to. “Aw, this is your mother all over again.”

“Aha. See, you understand.”

“What’s that?”

“Mom made me go to church and Sunday school and all that.

Even though you didn’t want me to. And you didn’t fight her on it.”

“Oh, yes, I did! I just lost the battle.”

“And why was that, pray tell?” asked Tony.

“I just didn’t want to break up the marriage over it.”

“Oh, you guys wouldn’t have ever broken up. You always played the tough guy, but she could twist you around her little finger anytime she wanted!”

Tom stared at Tony for a long time. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “I guess you’re right. That’s why we moved to be near your Aunt Susan when she got sick after you went off to college. Damn, how I miss your mother.”

“Me too, Dad. So let Beth have this, okay? No scenes, please. Look, it’s not even a regular church service. We’re doing it on a Saturday, so it will just be the family and a few close friends and no sermons.”

Find out what happens… in The Chase

The Workshop

The 3G Lifestyle: A Pathway to a Life of Siginificance

Are the members of your congregation moving towards Discipleship?

  • Churchgoers believe in God; Disciples follow god
  • Churchgoers worship God; Disciples depend on God
  • Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ is not automati 

Here is a WORKSHOP to help them get on the Path to Discipleship

The Focus of the Workshop

  • Grace, Grateude and Generosity
  • Understanding Christ role in our lives
  • Accepting the authority of God’s word
  • Faith decisions that bring us closer to God
  • Taking actions to make our faith real


After experiencing the workshop, one pastor said,

“The 3G Lifestyle is simple.  And this Workshop will help participants live more like the generous Father in the Prodigal Son Parable.  Generosity will be joyful.  No longer will they live from a Scarcity Paradigm with their pennies or their time. Rather, they will find significance in throwing their arms open to others at a moment’s notice.  Because, when we are truly grateful for God’s grace, and we know that God’s love is available to us, we will share generously of all we have.”

Why host the 3G Lifestyle workshop?

  • It will challenge the attendees to grow their faith
  • It will motivate attendees to grow in their generosity
  • It will inspire attendees to begin the path to discipleship

And on top of that workshop is an experience is:

  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Biblically based

                   And FUN


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About the Authors

Hoyt Byrum Looking Casual For Blog

Rev. Dr. Hoyt Byrum

Hoyt Byrum knew when he was in high school that he was “called” to be a teacher. Upon graduation from Western Michigan University he began his professional teaching career. After eight years of public school teaching and guidance counseling, having received his Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan in Guidance and Counseling, he became the Director of Christian Education for a large church. It was during this time that he attained his Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. Thirty-five years later, and one more degree under his belt – his Doctor of Ministry degree from Reformed Theological Seminary – Hoyt retired. His final sermon summarized the Christian life by coining the term, “The 3-G Lifestyle.” Hoyt lives with his wife, Diane in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Mario Busacca

Mario Busacca is the founder and owner of KeyStone Strategies, a leadership consulting firm that specializes in helping people reach their full potential through an understanding of leadership skills and behaviors. As an instructor and facilitator, he has helped many organizations including, private, government and churches, to work more effectively as teams. He brings his experience, in part, from over 35 years with NASA, an organization known to build the best teams in the world. As a skeptic of the teachings of Jesus Christ for many years, he brings the perspective of the, as yet, unbeliever to this work. His understanding of this perspective, and how it can be changed, provides a unique context to the theological truths that are provided to us in the Bible. Mario lives with his wife, Peggy, in Melbourne, Florida.

Still seeking purpose in his retirement years, and a platform for sharing his heart, Hoyt has teamed up with his closest friend, Mario, to speak from one more “pulpit.” This book, The Chase, is written to serve two purposes. First, it is a novel written for the “seeker” who is turned off by the Church but is still curious about what the Bible says about becoming a Christian and living the Christian life. Second, it is a story about five critical decisions a follower of Jesus must make to experience true peace with God. For people like Hoyt, who considers himself to be a simple person who wants to make living the Christian life as free from complexity as the Scriptures allow, The Chase reveals that it is as simple as: Receive Grace, Live with Gratitude, and Become Generous with the time, talent and treasures God entrusts to you.

Looking for an authentic relationship with Jesus? Looking for true peace with God? Look no further. Join The Chase and finish the race.


Want more insights and practical strategies on living The 3G Lifestyle? Check out our BLOG. This is where Mario & Hoyt share their observations and discussions each week. There’s always something new to consider.

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