Want to Learn to Spread the Gospel? Try Community Service

Mario Busacca

So, you think that you have been called to spread the Gospel. But you don’t know where to start? And you are turned off by some of the more “traditional” ways of evangelizing? Well, turning people’s hearts is a daunting task. And quite frankly, most people are not easily persuaded to change their thinking, regardless of the topic. So, what is a person supposed to do?

It has been my experience, and I have read research on the matter, that the best and perhaps, only way to influence anyone, is to get to know them. People will listen to you, only once they know you. The next question is, how do I get to “know” people, “out there?” Your solution may be volunteering.

First, there are many, many needs “out there.”  Our communities are crying out for good leadership and help.  Much of community work is done mostly with volunteers.  These volunteers do what they do because they believe in the cause or program that they are involved in. And they are likely not going to listen to someone with a different agenda.

So, when you go out there and work with these folks, that is when they get to “know” you. So what is the challenge?  Well, while you may be motivated to spread the Gospel, they are motivated by other things. This means that if you go in and immediately try to “spread the Word,” you may not be accepted. In fact, you might be rejected.

The strategy then, is to find something, some cause or organization, that is doing something that you want to do. Go in and simply do the best job you can. But do it because you believe in it as much or more than the people already there. Once they see you in that light, you can begin to tell them about your life and beliefs. But wait for them to ask. They will, but it may take some time. Once they are listening, it is then that you can influence their thoughts and beliefs.

So how do you start?  Well, first you need to determine what community issue you want to be involved in.  There are lots of opportunities.  One source on-line is Amerciantowns.com.  This site provides a wealth of links to many different types of non-profit organizations and community service clubs.  Or you may already be a part of an organization that needs your help.  If you are the member of a church, call the office. 

Your ability to learn the skills of evangelism, leadership and influence is limited only to your willingness to put yourself “out there.”  These are not given to you by your church or the organization that you are a member of; they are earned through your commitment to expanding your capabilities and skills.  The rewards for your efforts are waiting for you to grab them.  And don’t forget to have fun; it may be the best reward of all.